Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Laptop Security Products Must Provide All-in-One Functionality

Research has continually revealed the high cost of laptop computer theft. Gartner Group research has found that just one laptop lost to theft can result in costs related to lost productivity, as well as hardware and software replacement, that exceed $6,000. Often, organizations spend much more, with untold additional funds covering the loss of data.

That's why it's heartening to see the high technology industry responding with novel ways to secure lost machines and recover the data on them. All-in-one technologies that employ Internet-based GPS tracking as well as systems for remote recovery and retrieval of data are among the best of these offerings. The financial impact of laptop loss far outweighs the nominal costs of these security alternatives.

One all-inclusive solution comes from MyLaptopGPS, a firm whose product of the same name uses GPS to track the whereabouts of misplaced and stolen laptops. MyLaptopGPS™ employs Internet-based GPS, which is affordable and user-friendly. And, going a step further, MyLaptopGPS™ also installs software that encrypts and silently removes and retrieves important files from lost laptops—at once returning the data to its rightful owner and deleting it on the stolen machine.

The market offers a number of partial answers to laptop security concerns, but GPS tracking technology needs to go hand-in-hand with the ability to remotely destroy data on stolen machines—and nobody wants to destroy the data on that laptop without first being able to retrieve the files. These are the reasons why MyLaptopGPS™ provides all three options in one package for organizations keen on improving the security of their laptops.

Laptop computers containing sensitive, identifying information on high school students and ROTC scholarship candidates. Some teaching institutions, such as a Fenland, England school that lost £20,000 computing equipment, some of it mobile have installed tracking technology on all computers, including laptops.

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