Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Educators should to equip laptop computers with GPS tracking technology

Identity thieves will steal anyone’s identity. They especially like to prey on young people, whose credit records are still clean and useful for new car loans, mortgages, and more under fake auspices. With so much theft of laptop computers storing Social Security numbers and all sorts of other information on students everywhere, GPS tracking and other safeguards for these machines must become a priority.

MyLaptopGPS is a firm that offers a product of the same name that uses GPS to track the whereabouts of misplaced and stolen laptops. MyLaptopGPS™ employs Internet-based GPS, a system characterized by affordability and user-friendliness. Going a step further, MyLaptopGPS™ also installs software that encrypts and remotely removes and retrieves files from lost laptops—at once returning the data to its rightful owner and deleting it on the stolen machine. MyLaptopGPS does what it’s designed to do remotely, covertly, and inexpensively.

Products such as MyLaptopGPS's bring enormous piece of mind to any organization, especially one with perhaps limited financial resources, such as an educational institution. MyLaptopGPS allows responsible and conscientious educators and administrators to track stolen laptops—and protect their students’ wellbeing.

Last fall, numerous laptop computer thefts affected college and high school students:

According to Gartner Group research, just one laptop lost to theft can result in costs that exceed $6,000. Laptop theft is a potentially catastrophic expense for educators. Anticipating worst-case scenarios, smart educational administrators are turning to GPS technology so that they’ll be able to track laptop computers once these devices are stolen. And, as we have seen with the rash of laptop computer thefts affecting students, a laptop computer is easy to lose.

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