Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Desktop computer use is down, but laptop use is up

End-of-year reporting in 2006 suggested that desktop computer use is on the way down, in favor of the ever-more-prevalent laptop. Organizations that store sensitive data on theft-prone mobile computing devices must understand the implications: Mobile computers demand teh technology of security measures such as GPS tracking, encryption, and more, or data breach–associated costs will occur with growing frequency.

IDC research reported by Computerworld in September of 2005 suggested that business use of laptop computers would spread to more than 50 percent of employees within a few years, with shipments of laptops surpassing those for desktops by 2008. An article in the Dec. 18, 2006 edition of BusinessWeekOnline reported findings from the firm Current Analysis showing that laptop sales rose by 25 percent for the week ending Nov. 25, 2006; desktop PC sales dropped 2 percent for that week, and, in October 2006, were down 5 percent for the year.

Sales of laptop security technology need to increase in parallel. We must combat—and ward off—the thefts that will inevitably accompany the growing prevalence of laptop computers. The alternatives, lawsuits and recovery costs, are prohibitively expensive. We're already seeing companies paying thousands of dollars just to stop official inquiries into their laptop security practices. No organization is immune. Install simple technology, like GPS, instead. Avoid the security nightmare before it even happens.

A December 2006 article in The Boston Globe article reported a $25,000 settlement paid by Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. to settle a probe into the loss of a laptop that housed personal data on thousands of Massachusetts residents.

Imagine losing a laptop computer and only having to press a button to make the whole problem go away. That's what GPS tracking can do—no more public relations crises, no more litigious probes, and no more lost customers. Your organization has done its job, and the thief goes to jail.

Indeed, nightmares like those described above can easily be avoided with technology such as MyLaptopGPS's: GPS tracking and encryption technology as security for mobile computers. Internet-based GPS, the technology this company's product of the same name uses, is more affordable and user-friendly than other types of GPS tracking and effectively tracks lost machines.

Laptop computer security can at once be simple, inexpensive, and highly effective. The alternative is theft and its attendant, often unknown consequences, such as lawsuits and soaring recovery costs. Smart organizations expect the worst and insulate themselves for it up-front. MyLaptopGPS provides the solution these companies want, and need.

MyLaptopGPS not only tracks lost laptops with Internet-based GPS, but also installs software that encrypts and silently removes and retrieves files from the machines—at once returning the data to its rightful owner and deleting it on the stolen computer. Users can invoke MyLaptopGPS's functions remotely.

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