Monday, October 30, 2006

Remote Systems for Data Retrieval and Recovery -- Not to Mention GPS Tracking -- Are Essential for Laptop Computers

T-Mobile USA Inc. just recently announced that one of its laptop computers had gone missing. According to reports, the apparent theft put past and current employees’ sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, at risk.

Where have we heard this before? Just about every week, it seems. And it doesn't only seem this way; it is this way. And whenever a laptop computer goes missing, two primary concerns haunt the organization that owns it: the portable computer’s whereabouts and the nature of the data on it. Both problems can lead to the loss of thousands of dollars, and rarely does any organization that loses an unsecured laptop recover the machine or the data that it stored.

Even so, the installation of systems for GPS tracking and data recovery and retrieval would be simple and affordable for firms -- and would greatly mitigate the many difficulties that otherwise beset them when their laptops are lost to thieves. An organization that wants to avoid the prohibitive costs associated with laptop loss and theft, should equip its portable computer fleet with GPS tracking technology and systems for the recovery and retrieval of data.

MyLaptopGPS, an Oklahoma-based firm, uses proprietary Internet-based GPS, a user-friendly system that tracks the whereabouts of misplaced and stolen laptops more efficiently and at far less of an expense than do offerings from other GPS providers. And the company’s product of the same name, MyLaptopGPS™, goes a step further by installing software that encrypts and silently removes important files from lost laptops—returning these electronic documents to their rightful owners while placing the data out of criminals’ reach.

According to MyLaptopGPS' chief technology officer, “Why make the laptop computer thief’s job any easier than it already is? High-profile thefts can bring attention to this issue, but there’s little comfort when an enormous percentage of small and large businesses continue to sit completely idle. MyLaptopGPS turns the tables, enabling businesses to remotely, covertly, and inexpensively destroy stolen data—with or without recovering it first—and track the criminals who stole the machines in the first place.”

Studies now show that the total number of records lost this year due to data security breaches has reached 100 million. Many of these breaches have been laptop computer thefts. With so much affordable counter-theft technology available, smart organizations are investing in themselves, their customers, and employees by spending a little money up front to save everyone a mountain of money later.


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