Monday, October 30, 2006

GPS Technology Can Greatly Reduce the Cost of Laptop Computer Loss and Theft

Research into the financial impact of laptop computer theft has suggested that the loss of just one laptop computer can cost as much as $90,000, or even more. The findings, available since 2002, further illustrate the implications of losing even just one laptop computer -- not to mention the utility of the alternative: GPS tracking technology.

Organizations faced with lost data often incur financial costs related to fines, credit monitoring for victims, public relations damage control, and class action litigation. Companies are only hurting themselves when they ignore the logical alternative to these costs: safeguarding laptops by equipping them with affordable GPS tracking technology.

The loss of a laptop computer belonging to General Electric Co., stolen (according to reports) in September from a locked hotel room where a GE employee authorized to use the computer had left it, contained the Social Security numbers of approximately 50,000 current and former employees of the company. According to the 2002 Computer Security Institute/FBI Computer Crime & Security Survey, the theft of a laptop results in an average financial loss of $89,000, with only a small percentage of the sum actually relating to the hardware cost.

The potential financial cost from this past year’s losses and thefts alone is staggering. Because of this, organizations owe it to themselves, employees, and customers to minimize the impact of laptop computer loss and theft. And yet, for a nominal monthly fee that pales in comparison to the financial cost of lost laptops, MyLaptopGPS™ uses GPS to track these machines when they are lost or stolen. The product also installs software that encrypts and silently removes the important files from them—returning these electronic documents to the rightful user while placing them out of a criminal’s reach.

GPS tracking technology solves many problems caused due to loss or theft. The simplest way for a company to keep track of laptop computers, which frequently travel with employees, is to equip these machines with GPS.


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